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help with SGXML to XML/HTML/RTF/Word

Hi everyone,

With all the talk about Word to XML and generating tentative DTDs from XML,
it occurs to me that I could confirm something here.

I've been assuming that, given a set of SGML documents and the requirement
to convert them to (meaningful) XML, one would need the original DTD or a
close approximation of the same. Any one know of tools that would help with
such a task? (I mean building a tentative replacement DTD, since the
original is not available to us for some reason.)

(I've used James Clark's tools, but without the DTD, the produced XML does
not seem very meaningful. I suppose, if XML is supposed to be an
intermediate step, that the produced XML doesn't have to be very

Then, to convert either the original SGML or the produced XML to either HTML
or RTF or Word, one would really want the original stylesheet, or a close
approximation thereof? Again, any suggestions as to tools that would help in
generating the missing stylesheets?

It's possible that the SGML docs may have been generated by Adobe's
FrameMaker+SGML. There does seem to be some (incomplete) formatting
information in the SGML. (I've heard that the DTDs may never have existed.)
Would that open up other possibilities?

Any hints would be greatly appreciated.

Joel Rees

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