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Re: Indexing XML

> > > The site is about GoXML.com which was the first true contextual XML
> > > Search Engine on the web in 1999.

> > Not to be picky, but quite a number of systems offered full structural
> > indexing of SGML/XML documents, well before 1999.

> I didn't know that XML was around in 1994-5.  I believe that XML became a
> standard around 1998 therefore the claim stands .

If you're really unsure of the date, as opposed to being facetious, it's
easy enough to look up in the Recommendation itself. (Oops, now I'm being
facetious.) Several years before XML became a Recommendation, Dynaweb
offered contextual searching of SGML on the web. XML is a subset of SGML, so
any product that could perform this for SGML could theoretically do it for
XML before XML was invented. I'm not absolutely sure that EBT's Dyna* family
of products supported every feature of SGML declarations, which is the true
test of whether an SGML document can handle XML; if they didn't, addressing
this aspect of Dynaweb directly would be a better way to add weight to your

xml-dev is not always a friendly place for marketing bombast. That's one
reason I like it!

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