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Re: Indexing XML

At 00:23 23-05-2001, Duane Nickull wrote:
>I didn't know that XML was around in 1994-5.  I believe that XML became a
>standard around 1998 therefore the claim stands .
>GoXML.com is and was the first true contextual XML Search engine deployed on
>the internet.

XML became a Recommendation in February 1998.  There were Working Drafts 
from late 1996 onwards.

DynaWeb (and DynaText) could accept most XML documents even before XML was 
defined; the EBT parser began accepting full XML sometime in 1997, I believe.

  who had the joyful task of typing up the detailed RFEs for adding XML
  support to EBT's products, and who also notes that eBT announced its
  liquidation last week
Christopher R. Maden, XML Consultant
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