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Re: ASN.1 and XML

"Thomas B. Passin" wrote:
> BTW, Al, maybe you're the one to answer this, I've been wondering about it.
> In view of the mandatory upper/lower case naming requirements, how can
> someone create ASN.1 labels in a language that does not make that
> distinction?  Or are you simply not allowed to name types using such
> characters at all (which isn't so good for internationalization, I would
> thnk)?

This is handled by an ASN.1 compiler depending on its target (output)
programming language. At the abstract level, an ASN.1 specifier does not need 
to bother with limitations that are pertaining to the programming language.
Nor does he need to bother with keywords of the programming language: he
can name his types and values how he wants, it is the job of the
compiler to desambiguate if necessary.
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