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Re: ASN.1 and XML

Rick Jelliffe wrote:
> From:  "Olivier Dubuisson" <Olivier.Dubuisson@francetelecom.com>
> > This is handled by an ASN.1 compiler depending on its target (output)
> > programming language. At the abstract level, an ASN.1 specifier does not
> need
> > to bother with limitations that are pertaining to the programming
> language.
> So I can have Chinese type names in ASN.1 as it stands now? That seems to
> conflict with Al's statement that "It's currently mandatory in ASN.1 that
> types have names starting with a capital letter, and values with a small
> letter" or are Chinese characters deemed one (or both?)

I see your point. The ASN.1 standard says (sub-clause 10.1): "When additional
characters are introduced to accomodates a language in which the distinction
between upper-case and lower-case letters is without meaning, the syntactic
distinction achieved by dictating the case of the first character of certain
of the above ASN.1 items has to be achieved in some other way. This is to allow
valid ASN.1 specifications to be written in various languages."

But AFAIK nobody has ever produced a national version of ASN.1, probably
for the good reason that he/she would have to implement the associated
tool! Actually the same story goes with most programming languages, doesn't
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