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meta-specs (was RE: A few things I noticed about w3c's xml-schema)

On 30 May 2001 10:55:34 -0500, Bullard, Claude L (Len) wrote:
> I have before.  We are staring into UML, RDF, Topic Maps, 
> XML Schemas, now add RDDL, TREX, RELAX, etc.   It isn't that any tool 
> or method alone is hard to grasp, it is the relationships 
> among them and how to choose when one is best.  In other 
> words, if we dare to do less, we should use less maybe. 
> But put it altogether and I think interoperability becomes 
> a statistical guess.  Too many casually aligned parts.

RDDL does at least provide an opportunity to gather the rest of the
parts and make their alignment explicit.

For a nice example, see the RDDL spec itself:

How well the rest of the parts are actually aligned is up to their
creators, of course.