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Re: meta-specs (was RE: A few things I noticed about w3c's xml-sc hema)

Bullard, Claude L (Len) wrote:

> I'm wondering if for some projects, it isn't also
> the best way to start.  In other words, should
> one create a UML-like design if what is being
> designed is NOT an OOP, but simply the data
> exchanged?

Exactly. Get the data down and the rest falls into place.

> So I have RDF and XML Schema.
> When do I need RDF?

When you want to draw diagrams with circles and arrows. Fundamentally RDF is
a convention for saving a diagram as a document, or to a database. RDF
describes things and relations between things. You can take any RDF document
and flatten it into a single table that can be queried etc. Its the simplest
'infoset' you can imagine. It is _so_ simple it appears complicated.