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Re: DTD formal syntax

Quoting Marcus Carr <mrc@allette.com.au>:

> > Like I said
> > XMLSpy (and probably others I am unaware of) provides this,
> > but I want more control over the data entry format.
> This sounds as though it verges on a fully-blown guided syntax editor,
> but with a very configurable GUI - I don't think you'll find such a
> thing.

I've seen it done; a client of the consultancy I work at wanted to work with an
XML DTD but their people weren't particularly programmerish and couldn't handle
hand coding XML (sorry to burst any bubbles, folks, but XML *is* more complex
than HTML in the eyes of non-technical users, we have found), yet the DTD was
more document like than XMLSpy's tree emphasis was really suitable for so we
made them a custom editor. But being the toolsmiths we are, we made the
DTD-dependent parts of it into a seperate module so we can retarget it at all
sorts of DTDs.

Sadly, you'd have to pay through your nose for a copy of the source :-(
But I can tell you it's possible :-)


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