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RE: Syntax-driven editing (was RE: DTD formal syntax)

> From: Jim Mehl [mailto:mehl@ihot.com]
> Sent: Thursday, June 07, 2001 6:56 PM
> To: xml-dev; Michael Brennan
> Subject: Re: Syntax-driven editing (was RE: DTD formal syntax)
> [...]
> When I worked with the evaluation copy of XMLSpy I did not notice an
> API for custom forms, but perhaps I missed it. I will take 
> another look.

It was just added with 3.5.

> That would be very much what I am looking for. And if they do provide
> UI APIs, that should be of interest to you, since as far as I can tell
> XMLSpy is tracking XML Schema.

I've downloaded my eval copy and intend to check it out. I had downloaded an
earlier version at one point, but they didn't have this feature at the time.
Now that they have this, I intend to take a second look.

I've also downloaded an eval copy of XMetal, but unfortunately they are not
supporting XML Schema, yet.