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Re: Copyrighting schemas, Hailstorm (strayed a bit)

> The best approach is clean, simple, open standards.

And un-encumbered ... no patents, no NDAs, no consortium licenses.
Who wants to be Rambushed?  

> Look at the encryption flap in the US. That one actually came really close
> to the wire. Fortunately, there were some of us developing alternative
> technologies on an open base and getting them outside of the government's
> control as fast as possible. (We still aren't safe, barely any breathing
> room, but at least we held the control freaks off until we could get Mr.
> Slick out of the oval office. Cycling is a good thing, and will help us
> again in four to eight years.)

I thought J Edgar Freeh was more trouble, actually.  The FBI has
classically blackmailed politicians of all persuasions, it's the only
excuse why no politician has ever been able to clamp down on
such "law" (we are above the law!!) enforcement agencies.  And
it's not as if any US government in the last thirty years or so has
really accepted that its citizens have the right to defend themselves
against government espionage.

> Constant vigilance. And regularly going to the polls and voting people out
> and voting government smaller. 

Smaller government means nobody is really going to be able to
monitor abuses by private megacorps, though.  Tough tradeoff,
but I just can't ever accept that making it easier to buy legislators
or judges (or presidents, Mr. Texas Oilman :) is a good thing.

- Dave