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Re: Copyrighting schemas, Hailstorm (strayed a bit)

From David Brownell:

> > The best approach is clean, simple, open standards.
> And un-encumbered ... no patents, no NDAs, no consortium licenses.
> Who wants to be Rambushed?


> > Constant vigilance. And regularly going to the polls and voting people
> > and voting government smaller.
> Smaller government means nobody is really going to be able to
> monitor abuses by private megacorps, though.  Tough tradeoff,
> but I just can't ever accept that making it easier to buy legislators
> or judges (or presidents, Mr. Texas Oilman :) is a good thing.

Hey, watch that with the casting aspersions at my neighbors! ;)

Yeah, when I talk about smaller government, I should also talk about
stripping back the excessive body of law, especially the spaghetti stuff
that supports building big corporations.

It's interesting how technology parallels politics. We have been busy global
technological standards, and now, at the leading edge, we discover that we
must use namespaces to protect the local context from the global. If the US
is to survive, it will have to re-discover how to keep the national level
body of law from getting tangled up with the state and local bodies of law.

When we finally find ourselves able to formulate that good old Grand
Unifying Theory, we will find that it is a very simple relationship with an
extremely large number of parameters. Simply getting one of the parameters
properly expressed will be shown to take (exactly) a lifetime.

Say, namespaces don't nest in the present XML, do they?