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RE: Syntax-driven editing (was RE: DTD formal syntax)

Title: RE: Syntax-driven editing (was RE: DTD formal syntax)

Michael Brennan wrote:

> I've also downloaded an eval copy of XMetal, but
> unfortunately they are not
> supporting XML Schema, yet.

Yes, this is true. While we can't make any public announcement regarding what and when, we do take XML Schema very seriously and our customers are waiting -- some of them patiently -- to see how we answer the new recommendation.

XMetaL, which provides real-time content model checking during editing, has a much larger responsibility with regard to schema interaction than do editors that merely present post-edit validation as a user option. Our job is to make life easier for people who may not care what "valid" means. That's harder.

In the meantime we recommend and integrate with XMLAuthority to handle conversion where that is possible. We also provide a scripting interface and a faithful implementation of the DOM to allow development of datatype checking -- a technique that will still be required by most customers even after XML Schema is fully implemented.

John Turnbull
Product Manager
416 544 3007

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