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Re: How to POST in XML format

[hector santos]

> From my readings, I am getting the idea that:

>   b) you can also use the FORM type="text/xml" attribute
>      using the "browser" built-in XML support.

Not with current standards and browsers.  There are non-standard things you
can do if you want to work with Internet Explorer exclusively.  Then you
could send/receive xml with the help of javascript/vbscript and some
proprietary capabilities.

Otherwise, the only way using standard capabilities that you can currently
send xml data from a browser is to include it in a field of a form, which
you then send back to the server (GET or POST, either one).  And if you do
that, the browser will url-encode the data and you have to make sure you
remember to unencode it before use.

I guess you could have the browser email the xml, too.

Anything else is for the future, unless you want to create a plugin for the


Tom P