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Re: How to POST in XML format

Thomas B. Passin wrote:
> Otherwise, the only way using standard capabilities that you can currently
> send xml data from a browser is to include it in a field of a form, which
> you then send back to the server (GET or POST, either one).  And if you do
> that, the browser will url-encode the data and you have to make sure you
> remember to unencode it before use.

Unfortunately, this approach is fraught with problems, partly due to specs
that do not adequately address character encoding issues, partly due to
clients (browsers) not being trustworthy enough to consistently &
predictably encode the form data, and partly due to widely deployed
servers that make the same kinds of mistakes as the clients (assuming
iso-8859-1 based URL encoding, for example).

See http://skew.org/xml/misc/xml_vs_http/ for a more thorough discussion 
of the issues at hand.

   - Mike
mike j. brown, software engineer at  |  xml/xslt: http://skew.org/xml/
webb.net in denver, colorado, USA    |  personal: http://hyperreal.org/~mike/