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Re: How to POST in XML format

[Mike Brown]

> Thomas B. Passin wrote:
> > Otherwise, the only way using standard capabilities that you can
> > send xml data from a browser is to include it in a field of a form,
> > you then send back to the server (GET or POST, either one).  And if you
> > that, the browser will url-encode the data and you have to make sure you
> > remember to unencode it before use.
> Unfortunately, this approach is fraught with problems, partly due to specs
> that do not adequately address character encoding issues, partly due to
> clients (browsers) not being trustworthy enough to consistently &
> predictably encode the form data, and partly due to widely deployed
> servers that make the same kinds of mistakes as the clients (assuming
> iso-8859-1 based URL encoding, for example).
 Yup, just be good little US-ASCII users and you'll probably be just fine

Tom P