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Re: some findings on "XML Tools" and"XHTML 1.1 with SVG and MathML D TD" (XML isn't simple)

> I suspect most (perhaps all) of those that don't work, don't work 
> because they rely on MSXML as their underlying parser.

Not this one, I suspect:

> a) Near & Far designer from Open Text
> works if you do comment out some entities defined in MathML for inserting
> special characters that fall within a certain Unicode range.

MathML uses plane 1 characters ('cause when we asked Unicode/ISO for more
Math Characters, that's where they put them:-) MSXML (and most other
native XML parsers I've tried) can eat those OK, but some older parsers
(eg sp based tools such as nsgmls) can't handle characters above 2^16.

(MathML co editor)

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