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RE: some findings on "XML Tools" and"XHTML 1.1 with SVG and Math ML D TD" (XML isn't simple)

Title: RE: some findings on "XML Tools" and "XHTML 1.1 with SVG and MathML D TD" (XML isn't simple)

Dear Elliotte,

I'm afraid it is not that simple.

Out of my head and maybe with some mistakes ...

a) Near & Far designer from Open Text
uses James Clark SP

b) XML Spy from Altova
uses it's own parser

c) XML Authority from TIBCO
Crimson ?

XML editors
a) XML Spy from Altova
own parser

b) XML Instance from TIBCO
Crimson ?

c) XML Pro from Vervet Logic

d) XMetal from Softquad
own parser

e) Epic from ArborText
parser based upon mark-it

a) Xerces-C