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Re: Help with XSL links

[Warren Keane]

> As you can see, it doesn;t link the headlines with the full story yet. I
> need some direction on how to display the <xsl:value-of
> as an HTML link that when selected will display the full story without
> back and doing a additional HHTP request to get the XML document.

This isn' t the right list for this, the xslt list is best for this kind of
thing.  Also, it's an HTML question, not an xslt question.

You have basically two choices:

1) Write the full story into a <div> and hide it with dhtml tricks.  Show it
when the user wants to see it.  With this approach you have to learn how to
write the code to work with both Internet Explorer and Netscape, plus
whatever other browsers you want to support.

2) Store the story in a hidden field in a form and use javascript to show it
in another window or frame on request.  It's much easier to get this to work
on all browsers, but you have to use frames or open another window.


Tom P