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Re: XML Blueberry

> This is a proposal for a new BACKWARDS INCOMPATIBLE version of XML.

Doesn't sound desirable, at least to me.

> The specific goal is to address some shortcomings of the XML 1.0 
> character model relative to Unicode 3.1, as well as throwing a sop to 
> IBM.

I'd be interested in seeing _public_ discussion about whether such
changes are really necessary to handle Unicode 3.1, given that (as
Rusty pointed out) the basic issue seems to be just wanting to permit
more characters in XML names.

This is what's know as a "slippery slope".  I don't like to think of
the web initiating a planned obsolescence strategy for basic tools.

>     Now rather than fixing their own broken mainframe
> text editing software, they want everyone else on the planet to change
> their software so IBM doesn't have to

I _almost_ have sympathy for IBM (and their mainframe customers)
here ... but OS-specific line-ends are sooo last-century.

- Dave