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Re: Escher could have drawn it (Re: XML Schema and Entities)

> First came XPath.
> Then XPointer thought it wise to use XPath.
> Then XInclude decided to rely on (a slightly extended version of) XPath.
> Then W3C XML Schema came out with its datatypes.
> Then XPath saw all the benefit of relying on W3C XML Schema datatypes.
> So far so good, except that XInclude and W3C XML Schema need now both to
> be processed first...

That's a good reason to avoid XIncluding URIs with fragment IDs, yes?
So you don't head down the XPath loop. (XInclude uses XPointer in
such cases, which is what defines the extended XPath.)


    "However, the relationship among all of these W3C specifications is
    unspecified -- in particular the sequence in which the infoset-to-infoset
    transformations may or must be performed."

So there's a workshop to start fixing such holes (next month).  One hopes
that the fix still facilitates significant amounts of work being done by stream
transforms.  CPP has done #includes as stream operations for decades,
and I'm not sure I see why doing it in XML ought to be different.

- Dave