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Re: Escher could have drawn it (Re: XML Schema and Entities)

[Missed Eric's original post, sorry.]

At 08:38 21-06-2001, David Brownell wrote (quoting, I think, Eric van der 
> > First came XPath.
> > Then XPointer thought it wise to use XPath.
> > Then XInclude decided to rely on (a slightly extended version of) XPath.
> > Then W3C XML Schema came out with its datatypes.
> > Then XPath saw all the benefit of relying on W3C XML Schema datatypes.

An important note: XInclude uses XPointer, which is defined in terms of 
XPath *1.0*, which is a stable Recommendation.  XPath *2.0* may rely on 
Schema datatypes; this will have no effect whatsoever on XInclude.

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