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Re: Escher could have drawn it (Re: XML Schema and Entities)

Quoting Peter Flynn <peter@silmaril.ie>:

> PIs are for passing procedural instructions through XML to a
> post-processor.  They are not intended for consumption and
> action by the XML processor itself in any way that would affect
> the integrity of the document. 

But... they're called Processing Instructions!

My only example of their real-world use is in PHP:

	... executable code! ...

...but PHP just happens to use that syntax for compatability, you can just as
easily write:

<<?php echo $element_name?> foo="bar">
</<?php echo $element_name?>>

because it finds the <?php with a state machine that traverses the script.

> For example you can encode a forced  line-break in a title that
> you know will be required when the document is typeset but which
> you don't wish to hard-code wrt the document structure:
> <title>How I Made <?LaTeX \\?>A Million Dollars</title>


<title>How I Made <typesetting-hints:linebreak />A Million Dollars</title>

...suits me more :-)

> ///Peter


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