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Re: XML Blueberry

At 05:18 PM 6/21/01, John Cowan wrote:
>Vincent-Olivier Arsenault wrote:
>>Well mmm, not enough I'd say : why is there a need for so many character 
>>classes and DERIVATION rules (http://www.w3.org/TR/REC-xml#CharClasses)?
>Most of that is descriptional baggage.  XML really only needs
>to characterize each character as:
>         legal in names
>         legal as the first character of a name
>         not legal at all.

I think that's a forward incompatible way of seeing things, why not, 
instead, think in terms of reserved characters and escape sequences (< 
&, etc.). Or better, having ABSOLUTELY (new) reserved characters and 
not bother about that at all (leave it ALL to UNICODE)! Yeah that's more 
complicated, yet it IS feasible with a reasonable level of cooperation from 
UNICODE (I'm sure they can manage that).