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Re: XML Directory structure

On Thu, 21 Jun 2001, Hewko, Doug wrote:
> Hello!
> I am new to XML and am wondering what experiences people have in designing
> their XML applications. Is is better to have your XML files in a single
> directory (grouped according to function) or with your HTML pages?

It's better to let this follow the design of your data model
for the application than try to predicate it on a specific
directory structure.

> In favour the single directory, I was thinking that this makes sense when
> you include all the style sheets and associated files and take security into
> account. It is easier to change access to a single directory than multiple
> files when new files may be added. 

Not if you have the right system management tools.

> To illustrate, assume a simple page that
> will use XML for a phone list and web page links. I woud put the phone list
> in "xmlcontact" and web page links in "xmllinks". 

I'm not clear if those are meant to be filename or element type
names, but if it was my decision I wouldn't prefix anything with
"xml" and I'd probably put the phone list in a file called
"phones" and the links in a file called "links". Don't make
things more complicated than they need to be.

> I could not find any standards that directly relate to this, but I did not
> expect to find any either as it is more of a personal preference. 

Directory structures get covered somewhere about CS104.