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[ANN] Topologi Schematron Validator - free Windows tool doesSchematron+XML Schemas

Announcing the availability of the Topologi Schematron Validator.

This unique tool brings the power and simplicity of Schematron schemas to
Windows users, in an easy-to-install package.  The user interface supports
validation of multiple files, and store/recall of locations to allow
of chains of transformations.

As well as Schematron validation, the tool also supports DTDs and W3C XML
Schemas validation.  Schematron schemas can be embedded in W3C XML Schemas
schemas to augment them.

The tool is highly reconfigurable. It also provides XSLT transformations,
and the automatic generation of Topic Maps and RDF (beta).  It allows simple
editing and a variety of different viewers, including text, single-pane
web-browser and double-pane web-browser.

The Topologi Schematron Validator comes with schemas for CALS tables, NITF,
XTM. These are all open source and readily accessible.

This tool will be useful for anyone with document which have constraints
that cannot be expressed in schema languages such as DTDs, XML Schemas,
RELAX, etc.   and for creating friendly validators for files.  Educators may
find it convenient for teaching XML classes. Experimenters will appreciate
the tools configurability.

The tool is available for no cost, available from
At that website there is also an online copy of the manual, which provides
useful screen shots for those interested. The distribution is an installable
ZIP file of 2.5 Meg.  The tool has run successfully validating a rich XML
file 7.95 Meg in size (with output to text view).

Topologi is a new company which designs innovative and productive tools for
XML deployment. To kick off the company, we are making available this
multi-purpose tool for Windows systems. We are using it to protoype new
ideas, and we hope you may find it stimulating and useful too.

Rick Jelliffe
Topologi Pty. Ltd.