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RE: Against the Grain: Pascal commentary about XML and databases

Quoting Joshua Allen <joshuaa@microsoft.com>:

> There *are* database tools that take a more incremental approach, and
> simply expose a relational structure as XML, so things like rollups
> below are not necessarily a challenge.  This is the camp of people who
> believe that XML is simply a "more loosely constrained relational
> model", and who believe that XML databases must evolve from relational
> and take advantage of the past 30 years of relational research.

Relational databases won over the faster but less powerful (due to the lack of
arbitrary joins) hierarchical databases in Days Of Old, mainly due to data
modelling issues IIRC.

Does anyone know how/if XML databases differ from those old relational database
revisited, and if the arguments then still hold? Any historical recordings of
those debates?


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