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Re: XML and the Real World

At 11:49 AM 6/29/2001 -0400, Michael Champion wrote:

>In the "information" industry broadly defined (publishing, web sites, 
>portals), a fair amount is really done today.  I suspect that most of us 
>are using or selling XML solutions in this sector.
>Anybody with hands-on experience care to comment, pro or con, on my 
>semi-educated guesses?  A reference to any articles on this subject would 
>also be appreciated.

I think you're right on target.

I've got two major projects in progress that deal with Web publishing (vs. 
e-commerce), the first an e-learning initiative that uses a proprietary 
delivery engine that uses xml documents as source material (save but for 
the <a> element, the xml could have been an XHTML Integration Set 
conformant vocabulary. They've chosen to use their own linking model).

The second is an content aggregation project that allows for delivery 
across multiple platforms (wireless and desktop, for instance), where again 
source material is stored in XML.

Happily, I've found, industry groups are indeed getting together to build 
their own standards and are anxious to get those processes moving. We've 
been asked to provide advice to a broad spectrum of groups including those 
that you wouldn't normally think would be "ahead of the curve".

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