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Re: SCHEmata (was: ambo, duo, etc.)

On Sun, 01 Jul 2001, John Cowan wrote:
> W. E. Perry scripsit:
> > Perhaps we can also put to rest the more
> > pointed question of whether 'schemas' or 'schemata' is to be used as the plural,
> > by refusing to state a preference.
> Also, it is clear that "schemas" is stressed on the first syllable, whereas
> many (including me, until today) fall into error by stressing "schemata"
> on the second syllable rather than the correct first (all methods of
> pronouncing Greek words agree on this point).

That's probably the influence of British Southern Recessive.
A Greek listening to an Englishman of the last century speaking
what purported to be classical Greek would apparently not even
recognise that it was intended to be Greek.  It's curious, given
the weight which was laid on quantity in the teaching of spoken
Latin at the time.

I'd settle for schemata being the plural of schema if the W3C
Recommendation would emphasise the correct pronounciation of it,
like Knuth explaining TeX.