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Re: XML Blueberry (non-ASCII name characters in Japan)

> If I were a regular user of XML and one of the affected languages,
> I would insist that the parsers available to me allowed markup
> in my language, and the XML Recommendation be damned.  (There
> are non-conformant parsers such as Aelfred that can do the job.)

Sort of.  Not for any languages that use characters
from the astral planes ... supporting surrogate pairs
in XML names looks to be annoying, it's certainly
extra coding.  And that's in in the "bug" bin, anyway,
so it's subject to fixing, given a fast-enough GPL'd
implementation of the Appendix B tables.  :)

> Since I would probably not be able to vote with my wallet, I
> would have to rely on those with deeper wallets, or louder
> voices, to get the job done.

Oooh ... if you're voting with your wallet, then the
obvious solution is to use Free Software.  (Or maybe
Open Source.)  Who needs dollars (or clams, yen,
whatever :) to achieve that?

- Dave