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Re: XML Blueberry (non-ASCII name characters in Japan)

Joel Rees wrote:

> I have been assuming that non-name characters are not allowed in tag
> attributes.

If by "attributes" you mean attribute names, then you are correct.

If by "attributes" you mean attribute values, then you are incorrect
as to general attributes, but still correct in the case of attributes
with declared types other than CDATA.

> Oh. I thought of another way around this issue. It is not presently a very
> satisfying solution, but may be the ultimate solution, if it would work: Are
> ideographic sequences allowed in markup (tags and attributes)?

No. As another poster noted, they are not unambiguous, and really are
*descriptions* of ideographs rather than *constructors*, more analogous
to a phrase like "'e' written backward with a dot underneath".

> To be a tree supporting all information,
>   giving root to the chaos
>     and branches to the trivia,
>       information breathing anew --
>         This is the aim of Yggdrasill.

Fine, fine.  But is there a one-eyed man hanging from the branches?

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