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Re: Validation irrespective of DOCTYPE?

On 16 Jul 2001 11:50:29 -0400, Jeff Turner wrote: 
> I'm getting XML from a socket, which may or may not contain a DOCTYPE
> declaration, which would indicate the associated DTD. Either way, I'd
> like to validate this XML. Two approaches I can think of:
>  - build a non-validated DOM, add the DOCTYPE decl to the DOM,
>    revalidate the DOM. Hampered by lack of revalidating parsers.
>  - Manually parse the XML and add the DOCTYPE to the text stream, and
>    then do a validating parse.
> Or can I just insist that my upstream source supplies a DOCTYPE? Is this
> commonly regarded as part of the XML "contract"?

It's not real sophisticated, but you might want to check out my
DOCTYPEChanger, which lets you specify a DOCTYPE.  It's a Java
FilterReader (or FilterStream) which strips out the old DOCTYPE (if you
insist) and puts in a new one.


You can put it in front of an XML parser if you want, or just run documents through it.

Simon St.Laurent