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Re: XML under JDK 1.0

>     I am constrained to using [XML] tools that will run under 
> JDK 1.0. Suddenly most of the parsers and XSLT programs I am familiar with 
> are unavailable to me since they all require JDK 1.1 and above. 

Oh my ... that's a _bad_ constraint.  I seem to recall that such
basic facilities like java.io.InputStreamReader, necessary to
deal with most character encodings, happened in 1.1; ditto
java.io.Reader, used in SAX, so you're not going to have
much flexibility there.  And you also said you need this to
run in servlets ... they also expect JDK 1.1 support.

I doubt you'll find a Java XSLT package without SAX,
but you might find some of the pre-SAX parsers (Lark
and XP come to mind) that would do that bit of work.

Where does that "JDK 1.0" requirement come from?
It's unwise to require alpha releases like that one.

- Dave