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Re: XML under JDK 1.0

[Bruce Altner]

> I have been tasked to create a Java application that transforms an XML
> document into HTML but I am constrained to using tools that will run under
> JDK 1.0. Suddenly most of the parsers and XSLT programs I am familiar with
> are unavailable to me since they all require JDK 1.1 and above. Can anyone
> recommend package(s) that will accomplish this? I will most likely need to
> get this to run as a servlet.

There ought to be some old version of Aelfred still around that would do it.
I'll bet a lot of people could lay their hands on one if you can't find a
site with it.  It might be a good choice anyway, if you are constrained to
JDK 1.0 because it's on some spacecraft - Aelfred is very small.


Tom P