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RE: XML file repository on the web

I have to find a lot of XML files (as samples) on the web. Are there
special sites which host a kind of xml database (which is accessible) and
I can retrieve several xml documents from? Approximately how many
xml pages are there on the web?
XML GLobal has developed two technologies which enable this.  The first one
is a Native XML database Server which can store XML documents as a web based
repository.  The online demo at:


uses a set of invoices for data and HTTP for access.

Since then,  we have built Registry/Repository systems around ebXML.  We are
in th eprocess of deploying pilot initiatives using ebXML
Registry/Repository systems as the backbone.  The commercial Registry
Systems cost money however, we are about to announce an initiative for
developers who need an XML database whereby it is free to use for
development.  (Keep watching here for details)

We also have th eXML Search Engine which provides the indexing and search
functionality you describe.  THe actual documents are stored on a web
accessable file system.  GoXMl Search can be viewed at:


Deplying either the DB or Search require us to set you up an account for
testing.  If you want this,  please contaqct me and I can accomodate your

Duane Nickull
XML Global Technologies