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RE: XML file repository on the web

Dear all,

So far I've found musicXML files, WML files, and most of the Gutenberg
project. But what I would need is a bunch of xml files which are similar
but have a bit different structure. Can anyone provide samples or
pointers? How many xml files are on the web? Do I have a fair chance of
finding enough documents or I have to wait (XHTML?)?


On Wed, 18 Jul 2001, Earthlink wrote:

> I have to find a lot of XML files (as samples) on the web. Are there
> special sites which host a kind of xml database (which is accessible) and
> I can retrieve several xml documents from? Approximately how many
> xml pages are there on the web?
> >>>>>>>>>>>>>
> XML GLobal has developed two technologies which enable this.  The first one
> is a Native XML database Server which can store XML documents as a web based
> repository.  The online demo at:
> http://goxmldb.xmlglobal.com/servlet/InvoiceArchive?action=start
> uses a set of invoices for data and HTTP for access.
> Since then,  we have built Registry/Repository systems around ebXML.  We are
> in th eprocess of deploying pilot initiatives using ebXML
> Registry/Repository systems as the backbone.  The commercial Registry
> Systems cost money however, we are about to announce an initiative for
> developers who need an XML database whereby it is free to use for
> development.  (Keep watching here for details)
> We also have th eXML Search Engine which provides the indexing and search
> functionality you describe.  THe actual documents are stored on a web
> accessable file system.  GoXMl Search can be viewed at:
> http://goxmlsearch.xmlglobal.com/
> Deplying either the DB or Search require us to set you up an account for
> testing.  If you want this,  please contaqct me and I can accomodate your
> needs.
> Duane Nickull
> XML Global Technologies
> http://www.xmlglobal.com
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