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Re: NEL where?

Tim Bray wrote:

> Really?  So you wouldn't add it to the production for "S"?
> I.e. you wouldn't be able to have a NEL in the middle of
> a tag?  All you're saying is that when it's in the data
> stream it should be mapped to \n?

That is what *I* mean, and what I will push the Core WG
to do.  Whether they do that or not is out of my hands.

> In this case, we have a 
> tempest in a teapot.


> But I didn't think that's what the
> mainframers wanted, they wanted to be able to say
> <img src="x.jpg"
>      alt="the mighty X" />

The IBM note (http://www.w3.org/TR/newline) does ask for that
capability as well, modifying the production for S in section 2.3.
It seemed to me (NSFTCWG) to be unnecessary.  IBM has not yet
weighed in officially or unofficially, though.

> I thought David Carlisle pointed out a real problem:
> if I can have NELs in the middle of my encoding declaration,

If, yes.  But that would involve changing S.

> but it
> was a nice characteristic that the XML encoding declaration 
> was all characters with values < 128... i.e. you could read
> and interpret bytes before you decided to turn on the
> UTF-* machinery.  -Tim

Of course, that only works if you confine yourself to ASCII-
compatible encodings.

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