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Re: Closing Blueberry

At 12:02 PM -0400 7/19/01, John Cowan wrote:
>David Carlisle wrote:
>> Firstly giving up all the feature that all XML syntax characters are in
>> the ASCII range thus easily (human) readable on the vast majority of
>> systems should not be done without overwhelmingly strong reasons.
>Oh?  See what happens when you print an XML file using LF-only
>to a Windows printer.  Lotsa very black glyphs on the top line.

So that's why that happens! :-) Still, you can open up that text file in just about any text editor on any platform and expect to see something reasonable. At absolute worst (Notepad, SimpleText) there are some funky boxes at the end of the line. I don't think it would work so easily if there were NELs instead of LFs or CRs. ON both Windows and the Mac, I expect the NEL would get interpreted as some graphic character. 

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