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Re: Closing Blueberry

David Carlisle wrote:

> surely it does. "before parsing" means before markup is recognised
> so that would allow NEL inside the xml declaration (and start tags, etc) 
> wouldn't it? with the effect that they (should) be mapped to #10
> before the real parsing starts.

Read it more closely.  The *characters* (i.e. non-markup) returned
to the application are *as if* all CRs and CRLFs had been changed
to LFs before parsing.

That means a parser can keep the original representation right up to
the moment it is creating a DOM Text node or invoking the
SAX characters callback, at which point CRs that do not come from
character references must be removed or changed to LFs.  Since CR is 
allowed in the S production, any CR characters in markup need not
be removed or changed.

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