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Re: Closing Blueberry

From: "John Cowan" <jcowan@reutershealth.com>

 > For the Nth time, I am *not* proposing adding NEL/LS to XML white space!
> I am proposing changing what XML understands as a low-level line end.
> This is quite different.

I am wondering if it is best just to handle this as a normal 3rd edition to
XML 1.0, just as routine maintenance. This 1.1 palava is scrupulosity.

The world will not be flooded with documents in Cherokee.  And I think all
parser writers should support mapping NEL to XML whitespace ASAP.  And, even
though most of the Han characters are undoubtedly of peripheral utility,
there are some that are important and useful (as Murata-san has pointed

If I were voting, I'd say "XML 1.1: no; XML 1.0 3e: yes".  And I would
postdate it, to say that XML files using the new edition should not be
distributed publically until 12 months time; a pre-announced introduction
gives more time for updated parsers to nestle in every nook and cranny.

> EBCDIC files begin with the EBCDIC for "<?xml".  No NEL is involved.

Yes, lets not panic. Similarly for the Chinese encoding of Unicode: it is
very sensible for them to have this, and it can be handled by the current
detection alogrithm fine.

Rick Jelliffe