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Re: XML Print Publishing Systems?

Thomas B. Passin wrote:

> I was just asked to look into the feasibility of using xml for publishing
> catalogs to both the web and to print.  I don't know that the print quality
> has to be that high, and so far don't know anything about the complexity of
> the catalog pages.  The client apparently offers pharmaceuticals from a
> range of suppliers, and the catalogs will be be made for a range of
> countries (don't know about other languages yet).
> I know about Arbortext's catalog publishing system (not its price, though).
> Does anyone have any suggestions about other (xml-based) systems that would
> be good for print as well as web pages? 


Catalog XML = an XML based catalog publishing model which allows a post 
processing of the XML as part of the catalog query syntax.

We are interested in developing this as an open standard.  If there is 
sufficient interest,  please contact me directly.

Duane Nickull