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XML Print Publishing Systems?

I was just asked to look into the feasibility of using xml for publishing
catalogs to both the web and to print.  I don't know that the print quality
has to be that high, and so far don't know anything about the complexity of
the catalog pages.  The client apparently offers pharmaceuticals from a
range of suppliers, and the catalogs will be be made for a range of
countries (don't know about other languages yet).

I know about Arbortext's catalog publishing system (not its price, though).
Does anyone have any suggestions about other (xml-based) systems that would
be good for print as well as web pages?  I've done a cursory search myself
so far, and would appreciate it if I could hear from anyone who has first
hand knowledge of any systems like this.  Apparently the company is willing
to start from scratch if they can work out a system.


Tom P