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Re: XML Print Publishing Systems?

"Thomas B. Passin" wrote:

> Does anyone have any suggestions about other (xml-based) systems that would
> be good for print as well as web pages?  I've done a cursory search myself
> so far, and would appreciate it if I could hear from anyone who has first
> hand knowledge of any systems like this.  Apparently the company is willing
> to start from scratch if they can work out a system.

We have used FrameMaker+SGML for several catalogues, including one for pharmaceutical products. FrameMaker was
designed for big data sets, so handles it quite nicely. You may need to fiddle your XML on the way in to make it look
more like SGML, but that's easy enough.


Marcus Carr                      email:  mrc@allette.com.au
Allette Systems (Australia)      www:    http://www.allette.com.au
"Everything should be made as simple as possible, but not simpler."
       - Einstein