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Re: Question re: unwanted whitespace and html output

[David Carlisle]
>  <xsl:template match="b">
>  <span class="smtext_bold">   <----- LF right here!
>  <xsl:apply-templates/>         <----- and here!
> No. White space nodes are stripped from the stylesheet except for
> xsl:text. Those line feeds have no effect on the output.

You're right, I was too hasty.  The situation arises if there are some
non-element characters on a line after an element, but not if there is only
whitespace.  So if the original template had been

<xsl:template match="b">
  <span class="smtext_bold">-

then there would have been a line feed in the output which might not have
been wanted.  Sorry for the error.

Tom P