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Re: Question re: unwanted whitespace and html output

Hi Mike,

XSLT questions are best addressed to XSL-List at

> Example of current html output:
> ... some text <span class="smtext_bold">
> exit
> </span>
> , some more text that has a comma ...
> Notice that the span tags and following text is on separate lines.

This is very peculiar output given your source and XSLT.

One thing that might help is if you remove the template that you
currently have matching text nodes, which gives the value of the text
node with escaping-on-output disabled. I doubt very much that you want
to have output escaping disabled, since it runs the risk of giving
non-well-formed XML output.

But the only thing that I can think of that would cause the result
that you're seeing is if you have an xml:space attribute set to
'preserve' on the document element of your stylesheet (xsl:stylesheet
or xsl:transform). If you have such an attribute, then remove it and
things should work properly.

Otherwise, it could be a bug in the processor or in the code calling
it - what XSLT processor are you using?



Jeni Tennison