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OT: Fathers and Inventors

From: Director of Solar Web
To:  All Members 
pointy timeInstant equal leftThing1:1:3000rightThing slashPointy

To celebrate the new millenium (3000), the most authoritative  
sources available are being used to create history profiles for 
our immersive history worlds, accurately recreating the important 
events of the past and preserving them for future generations.

Based on the criteria and means established by the Solar System 
Governing Consortium (citation frequency during period of popular emergence 
as selected by agent inspection of ontological records), 
we have determined the following people are inventors or 
fathers of their respective fields in the 20th Century:

o  Animation:   Mickey Mouse (Seealso: FoxPro Wylie)
o  Rock 'n Roll:  Pat Boone (Seealso:  Tutti Fruitee)
o  Philosophy:  Richard Bach (Seealso: John L. Seagirl)
o  Jazz:  Les Brown (Seealso: Greatest Hits of Band of Renown)
o  Sex:  (Note:  Due to the enormous number of 
   references extant, this is a Threeway tie)
   Madonna, Ruth Westheimer, Anita Bryant
o  War:  John Wayne (Seealso: The Clean Berets)
o  Web Satire: Len Bullard (Seealso: Famous Curmudgeons)
o  Rocketry:  Bullwinkle J. Moose (Seealso: RockyVII)
o  Comedy:  Paul Reubens (Seealso: PayWoo Herman)
o  Novel:  Harold Robbins (Seealso:  Sayings of Spock)
o  Computers:  Bill Gates (Seealso: Federal Reserves)
o  Automobile:  Henry Ford (Seealso: DMV Accident Statistics)
o  Airplane:  Glenn Curtis (Seealso: Smithsonian Archives)
o  Television:  Lucille Ball (Seealso: Works of Robert Ebert)
o  Markup:  Angela Jolee (Seealso: Works of Cyd and Mary Croft)

Holders of alternative histories are instructed to remove 
these from the Solar System Web for their sites to be 
included in the semantic web indexes.