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Re: correct behaviour for entities as system identifiers

In article <3B60F475.C3B5AC41@auckland.ac.nz> you write:

>1 <!ENTITY % use_mathml_dtd "IGNORE">
>2 <![%use_mathml_dtd;[
>3   <!ENTITY % mathml-charent.module "IGNORE">
>4   <!ENTITY % mathml_dtd_path "'MathML-20010221/mathml2.dtd'">
>5   <!ENTITY % mathml_dtd PUBLIC "-//W3C//DTD MathML 2.0//EN"
>6      %mathml_dtd_path;>
>7   %mathml_dtd;
>8 ]]>
>The Xerces parser reckons that "The system identifier must begin with
>either a single or double quote character" on line 6, which I take it
>means that it regards the apostrophes in the mathml_dtd_path entity
>as just plain characters.

The fragment above is fine.  I see that Xerces doesn't complain if you use

  SYSTEM %mathml_dtd_path;

Perhaps it incorrectly doesn't recognise parameter entities for the
system id part of a PUBLIC?

Did it really fail with use_mathml_dtd set to IGNORE?  It doesn't when
I try it.  (It shouldn't parse the contents of an ignored conditional
section at all except to recognise conditional section delimeters.)

-- Richard