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Re: Java/Unicode brain damage

David Brownell commented:

> > <interesting-thought>If you really want to work internally in UTF-16 or
> > UTF-32 in C, get yourself a processor with a 16- or 32-bit byte and a
> > Standard C for it
> Actually, I'd expect the "wchar_t" type to be either 16 bits (most
> or 32 bits (many SVr4 derived distributions) ... and there are standard
> libraries to work with "wchar" strings.

I have experience with compilers that implement wchar_t as 8 bits. (Yes, 8.
the standard allows it. I suppose they figured they had other priorities, or
they couldn't find somebody who knew how to implement enough of truly wide
wchar_t libraries to make it worthwhile. I should have volunteered?)

I have seen advice to avoid using wchar_t for Unicode, because of the wide
array of interpretations on what it should mean and the poor implementations
of locales.

And Microsoft has also avoided wchar_t. (Wait. Let me think a little more
about the implications of that, . . .  .)

Joel Rees
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