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Re: ANN: SAX Filters for Namespace Processing

"Simon St.Laurent" wrote:

> In this case, I wish this usage had been considered during the
> development of the namespaces spec and dealt with explicitly.

I wouldn't blame the namespaces spec for not handling this. The
namespaces spec is quite clear about how to get a universal name: get
the namespace URI from the prefix (or the default) and the local name
from the local name.

Can you imagine the list of rules to disallow things?

1) Don't let unqualified child elements inherit their parents'
namespace, even if that violates our rules about default namespaces.
2) Don't use the first x characters of the local name to indicate the
3) Don't specify the namespace in an attribute of your own devising.
4) Don't choose to interpret prefixes on even-numbered days and not
interpret them on odd-numbered days.

-- Ron