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ANN: Namespace Filters, 0.02

I've updated documentation for the namespace filters and created two
more filters for the Namespace Filters package at:


The new SAX filters allow developers to remove namespace-qualification
from elements and attributes.  The filter for elements is simpler than
the one which force-qualifies elements based on context - it just
removes the namespace, period.

As before, these filters are configurable through XML rules to affect
only specified namespaces.

The next piece will likely be filters which allow the replacement of one
namespace URI with another, something useful for versioning issues and
other namespace-changing problems.  I still have to get to making the
RulesLoaders into stackable filters to permit the combination of rules
for multiple filters into a single XML document read on a single parse,
and to creating RDDL docments for all of the namespaces used.

A bug in the filter for namespace-qualifying attributes has also been
fixed.  Class names are still subject to change.

I'm aware that these new filters may be even less warmly-received than
their predecessors, but feel like it's worthwhile to complete this
simple namespace-processing suite.

As before, these filters are written in Java and available under the
Mozilla Public License 1.1.

Simon St.Laurent