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RE: XMLLight - What do you think?

I can only compare to the XML::Simple module in Perl.  Definitelly can take
care of 80 percent of the needed functionality, but there use for more
powerfull libs, and as XML specs and the technology around it grows, that 80
percent, which is by the way just a guess (so please don't flame me), will
decrease as well as the size of TINY Jama API will increase.

I use XML::Simple in a few of my apps, though I've had many times where the
utilization of a more powerfull processor was absolutelly necessary.


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From: Vadim Permyakov
To: xml-dev@lists.xml.org
Sent: 08/01/2001 1:54 PM
Subject: XMLLight - What do you think?

XMLLight - What do you think?
The SoftCorporation LLC. releases FREE TINY Java API to provide limited
support for distributed applications. XMLLight is a 100% pure Java
The size of xmllight.jar file is less then 8 KB.

XMLLight aims to combine the small size, speed and easy of use - all in
The home page for the XMLLight project can be found in the
LLC. Web site http://www.softcorporation.com/products/xmllight.

XMLLight handles well large XML documents and it does not require a lot

Since I started using it - all my style of programming changed. Instead
creating Java classes I'm using XMLLight Elements...

So, what do you think about it?

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